Project iPad Magazine’s Issue 3 Out Today – I’ll Pass

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Project – touted as ‘the revolutionary multimedia magazine built specially for your iPad’ – has released its third issue today. Here’s what’s on offer in Issue 3:

And this month? Only Stephen Colbert dressed as Richard Branson with a nude model on his back. That’s all.

CONFUSION! America’s top pundit Stephen Colbert, being interviewed by Richard Branson… while dressed as Richard Branson. Baffled? Hey – us too
VEGAS! Your insider guide to Nevada’s neon jewel – starring David Copperfield
FILM! Incredible 360º interviews with the British movie industry’s finest
DESPOT HOUSEWIVES! Know your dictator spouses? Take our quiz!
HAITI! How life is returning to normal – as documented by 50 “junior” photographers
SUPERBOWL! An exclusive look inside the most spectacular TV ad
COMICS! How Kick-Ass writer Mark Millar conquered Hollywood
ORATORY! How to deliver the perfect speech – by those who did it for presidents
SPECIAL FORCES! How to… sleep like the SAS?
PARACHUTING CATS! It’ll ruin it if we explain this

I’ve found the first two issues of Project to be OK, but not anywhere near as revolutionary as advertised, and have also found it hugely disappointing that the title has never even come close to living up to its promises of regular content updates (it has pretty much none to speak of). So I won’t be getting Issue 3, and will likely delete the app if the stagnant content model continues.

Here’s the App Store link for Project, for those who have yet to try the title out. Issues are $2.99 each.

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