Project Magazine for iPad – Where Are the Content Updates?

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Project Magazine for iPad

Yesterday Project magazine – from Richard Branson’s Virgin Publishing – was launched on the App Store. Project is said to have been built specifically for the iPad and tablet devices. It is also touted by Virgin as being a ‘revolutionary title’, one that sets the standard for an iPad edition.

Among the notable ‘iPad-like’ features for the new title is that it will be updated continually, constantly:

PROJECT is a monthly magazine that will change daily, hourly – minute by minute at times – to give its global audience of early adopters a month of entertainment for less than the price of a decent cup of coffee.

That’s a strong feature, one that would really show that the app has been tailor-made for the iPad. The thing is, it’s been over 36 hours since it hit the App Store and I can’t find a single thing that’s been updated as yet.

Normally, I might think oh well, it’s very early days – but this a much-hyped new title that has come in claiming to be at the vanguard of iPad and digital titles. One that has presumably been worked on for months and that always had in the plan the idea of constant, frequent updates to the content. So it seems a it of an unimpressive start to have nothing new to show after a day and half.

USA Today is an app that promised continual updates in its iPad edition and has delivered then from Day 1. Virgin Publishing might want to step it up a bit now if they’re really looking to be a cutting edge iPad title.

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3 thoughts on “Project Magazine for iPad – Where Are the Content Updates?”

  1. Honestly, I have a feeling the "constantly/continually updated" angle is the blog link on the bottom nav. such lame misrepresentation.

  2. That sounds like the same ideology used when the music industry claimed .mp3's can only exist to pirate music…

    If they stop supporting the web then they will lose out to people who are supporting the web.

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