Project Magazine for iPad – Over 7 Days In Now, Zero New Content

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Project magazine for iPad – the heavily hyped new title from Virgin Publishing – has been out for over a week now. And as of today it still has absolutely zero new content added since it launched. For many a monthly magazine title this would not be something worth commenting on – but here is what Project promised to deliver in terms of fresh, updated content:

PROJECT is a monthly magazine that will change daily, hourly – minute by minute at times – to give its global audience of early adopters a month of entertainment for less than the price of a decent cup of coffee.

This was a prime selling point used to market the new title. It was a key part of what was meant to make this a ‘standard-setting’ new built-for-the-iPad publication. And so far this looks like one huge empty promise. Just to be clear, there is a link within the app that goes out to the Project blog site. I have not checked if that is getting updated during this past week and honestly I couldn’t care less if it is. That is NOT an integral part of the magazine app itself; it’s just an offshoot of an online site like nearly all leading publications have.

I’ve asked a contact at Project for answers on why there is no new content more than once over the last few days, and so far not had any answers back. For now it’s pretty clear that the only standard Project is setting in the iPad arena is for the biggest false promises in promoting an app.

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One thought on “Project Magazine for iPad – Over 7 Days In Now, Zero New Content”

  1. Why WHy WHY!

    Why would you try to launch a new magazine in these times? Why would you think that you can provide information at the speed at which a simple tool like twitter or facebook can? I'm not saying that either of these are perfect, but I can create a list on twitter of RELIABLE news sources for darned near everything from local road conditions to newsworthy events in the Middle East, to the latest thing Justin Beiber had for lunch. You can't provide me the content in your "monthly magazine" that I can get in seconds from checking the roughly 400 RSS feeds I subscribe to and by the time you get around to it, it's old news.

    If you can't exceed that blitz of relevant to me information with extreme quality content… you're going to fail. If you can't provide ANY new content in a week… You HAVE failed.

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