Quick Look: Barcelona-Manchester United – UEFA Champions League final 2011 for iPad

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I’m a huge football (blah, soccer if you insist) fan, and especially enjoy following the best European clubs. So any app focused on the Champions League has some instant appeal for me. Barcelona-Manchester United UEFA Champions League Final 2011 is an app that (as the crazy long name implies) celebrates the recent final played at Wembley between two of the world’s greatest club teams – it was a great final, mostly because of the sheer brilliance of Barcelona, so I decided to give this app a quick look.

And a quick look is about all this app deserves. It’s poorly done and well overpriced at $2.99. It features 50 photos of the Barza – Man United final with simple, obvious captions that can be toggled on and off. There’s no way to share or save the photos (other than doing a manual screencap), and no extra bells or whistles to the app at all. The actual selection of photos is not great either – there are too many pre and post match shots for my taste, and not enough action shots from the match itself.

It’s a nice collection of photos, but you could likely find most or all of them in a quick Google image search. This would be a passable, certainly not exceptional, free app – at $2.99 you’ll have to be a big fan of this particular set of photos.

Just as a side note, it’s a very odd cover photo choice to show Wayne Rooney charging ahead, as for the vast majority of the game Man United couldn’t get the ball in the Barcelona half of the pitch.

Here’s an App Store link for Barcelona-Manchester United UEFA Champions League Final 2011.

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