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If you’re a parent or teacher to pre-schoolers or beginning readers, you might want to check out Monster Jam. Created by Blue Sandpiper Imprints, Monster Jam is a storybook app for the iPad that combines early literacy skills with rocking tunes.

In this storybook app, the lead singer of the rock band Ground Hogs has lost her voice on the same day they have the performance of their lives. Young readers can follow along as the group of friendly monsters try to find a replacement singer in time for the big show.

Children can follow along with the highlighted text or choose to read the story themselves which is important for young readers or struggling readers who are a little older. Music is heard throughout the entire story. At one point in the story, children have the option of playing the drums, guitar or keyboards along with the band. Other unique features of Monster Jam that engage children include tapping the screen to turn stage lights on or off or prompting band members to play their instruments. Users can also play a game of tic-tac-toe, either against the computer or a friend.

photo 1 (2)
Play tic-tac-toe with a friend or with the computer.
Choose an instrument and play along with the band.
Choose an instrument and play along with the band.

Teachers will appreciate the curriculum guide aligned with Common Core State Standards  that is included with this app. Suggested lessons include making text-to-self connections, puns, idioms, homophones, symbolism, and a lot more. The on/off narration feature means the app can be used again and again as young readers develop their reading skills and build fluency.

Monster Jam is available on iTunes for $3.99.

Disclosure: I was provided a free promo code for this app.


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  1. Great review for this music inspired book app. The curriculum guides aligned with Common Core State Standards are an important feature for teachers and parents to use. Interactive books are a wonderful way to engage children and it’s so wonderful that your reviews are bringing more awareness to them.

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