Quick Look: Talking T-Rex Dinosaur for iPad

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Talking T-Rex for iPad

Talking T-Rex Dinosaur for iPad is pretty much just what the name says. As in, it’s an animated Tyrannosaurus Rex who talks to you. Actually he’s not much of a conversationalist and won’t speak until he’s spoken to – he just mimics anything that you say.

Way back in the very early days of the iPhone App Store, my daughter and I loved an app called SmackTalk. It is a very simple app where three adorable little animals – a guinea pig, a cat, and a dog – hilariously imitate everything you say or every noise you make. We quickly discovered that one of the things that cracked us up most was when the animals mimicked my daughter’s laughter.

Well, Talking T-Rex is just the same sort of app – except with the cuddly little creatures replaced by the big, scary dinosaur, who also does a bit more than just mimic you. You can throw him a bone or a chunk of meat and he’ll scarf it up. Poke him and he’ll get mad and maybe even get right up in our face and roar at you.

The app also lets you record (audio and video) while you’re playing around with the T-Rex. And my daughter and I found that he will sometimes do a decent job of mimicking singing as well – we tried this out with some of our iTunes collection and though he didn’t always do anything, when he did it pretty darn funny.

We found that T-Rex doesn’t always maintain his deep voice – sometimes he got very high-pitched when imitating my daughter. Either way, it’s good fun to listen to him. My daughter is 9 now and she still had a lot of fun messing around with this app – and gave it the ultimate thumbs up by promptly installing it on her iPad after playing with it on mine.

If you’ve got young kids who like dinosaurs, or slightly immature dads who enjoy talking dinosaurs, then you may want to give this app a look.

Here’s an App Store link for Talking T-Rex Dinosaur for iPad HD; it’s currently priced at $0.99.

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