Random Wish List Items: I Want More iPad Notes Apps to Sync with Evernote

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Finding a favorite iPad notes app has been an ongoing process for me since the day the first iPad was released. Several of the leading contenders are apps I also use on the iPhone. The thing with notes apps for the iPad / iOS though is that thus far it seems impossible to find the one, perfect all-round app for everything  I want. The closest I’ve got so far is something along these lines:

Simplenote was for a long while my favorite notes app for actually writing and editing notes on iPad and iPhone – because of its clean, simple UI. It also has a pretty nice web app that it syncs to automatically.

— Then my friend and writing colleague Thomas introduced me to Plain Text. Right now, it has replaced Simplenote as my favorite app to take notes in on the iPad. It syncs with Dropbox and I’ve been using Byword to edit notes made in Plain Text on the Mac.

— Evernote is the most powerful and feature-rich notes app I’ve used on iOS. I have never enjoyed it’s UI when writing / editing notes on the iPad or iPhone, but it is available via any browser, has a very solid Mac desktop app, and is always my default place to store notes that I want to keep around and have access to months or years down the road.

In a perfect world, Simplenote or Plain Text would keep their wonderful, simple writing interface, but have Evernote’s powerful search capabilities and be available everywhere like Evernote is; or Evernote would keep all its power and features but develop a beautiful UI for writing and editing notes.

This perfect world has not come along yet though, and I don’t think it’s going to. I think the next best, or more like the Better Next Thing, is that more iPad and iOS notes apps should sync to Evernote. If  I could work with Plain Text or Simplenote for all my note writing, and know that they were all being synced to Evernote, my ideal storage place for notes, that would be a damn-near perfect solution for me.

Sync with Dropbox is nice, and I love the Dropbox service as a whole – but for notes in particular, Evernote is my go-to storage location – and on the Mac it is plenty good enough to edit or view notes in, or in a browser etc. With Dropbox sync I still need to find a nice desktop companion app to edit notes in, with Evernote sync that step would be cut out. Sync straight to Evernote cuts out the middleman basically.

WritePad recently added sync to Evernote, as an option in addition to Dropbox sync. I would love to see more notes apps for the iPad and iOS start doing this. Starting with Simplenote and Plain Text.

What do you all think of my cunning plan? Would sync to Evernote be a useful feature for you in iPad notes apps? What’s your favorite iPad / iOS notes app?

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5 thoughts on “Random Wish List Items: I Want More iPad Notes Apps to Sync with Evernote”

  1. I love how Evernote syncs with so many applications now.

    But, more importantly, I want it that when I copy and paste from Windows NotePad, Evernote sees the data ‘as is’, i.e. enter line spaces (carriage returns), etc. in the correct place(s)…

    I hate having to copy and paste, then I have to edit the entire note. Anyway, just my issue :(

    1. Have you tried the ‘Paste without formatting’ option when you paste into Evernote? That usually gets past that sort of issue for me.

      1. I’ll have to look into that. Albeit, I typically use the web interface of Evernote when am at work. At home I use the Windows Evernote software.

        Currently running on about 207+ notes. That’s the thing with I.T., there are so many ‘small’ things to remember; plus I’m getting old! LOL

  2. I love Evernote, and I use it for notetaking, web clipping, and other misc storage. The Windows, Mac, and Web clients are great, but the iPad and iPhone versions do have their drawbacks.

    I think it goes back to the discussion we had on the podcast about Blogsy and rich text. From what I understand, Apple has made it incredibly difficult for companies to implement rich text and formatting into apps. I believe that, if you choose to implement it, you basically can’t use the built-in functions of the SDK, but must custom code everything. Docs To Go and Quickoffice have done this, but I don’t think many others have.

    I listen to the Evernote podcast, and they have flat out said that they will not be going that route, so we will have to wait until Apple implements rich text and formatting as part of the SDK to get more features in iOS versions of Evernote.

    Another big disappointment with the app is the fact that the Evernote team has been talking about adding ink and drawing capabilities, which are already part of the desktop versions of the service, to the iPad for an entire year. Other developers have come up with some pretty compelling features since then, but Evernote is curiously still sitting on the sidelines.

    My last issue is with the search capabilities of Evernote. Evernote for Windows and Mac has ink and image search that is as good as you will find anywhere. It rocks. I thrown plenty of scanned documents, pictures of documents, and ink scribblings at it, and it just does a superb job handling them.

    Unfortunately, I have not found a way to access this feature on iOS. I understand the processing limitations of mobile devices, but how about doing searches in the cloud and just sending the results to the device? If the Evernote folks made this a premium feature, I guarantee subscriptions would go up.

    Despite my griping, I do love Evernote, and I would love to see more apps and services integrate with their platform. I’m just frustrated that they don’t seem as interested in adding features to their iOS versions as they once did.

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