RapidStats Basketball – iPad App for Basketball Coaches and Stats Trackers

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Rapid Stats Basketball for iPad

RapidStats Basketball is, as you might just guess from its name, an app designed to help you keep track of basketball statistics. It’s the second iPad stats tracking app from Rapidplay Productions; following on from Rapidstats Football. Here’s a slice of the App Store description for the new basketball stats app:

This is a revolutionary app designed for keeping basketball stats. Rapidstats exploits many wonderful functionalities of the ipad. This bring very simple concepts we use in Ipad mail and settings to life in a app for keeping stats. … This app is great for coaches and statisticians. it really lets coaches reflect on the tendencies of the other team while making statisticians jobs much easier. This also simplifies the process of sending the stats to the media after a game by just simply emailing stats from the program.

And here are some of its listed key features:

– Up to 4 teams of game, opponent, and season stats
– Simple Interface for swapping between Your team and opponents on the fly
-Keep up with stats by quarter and brings the total together when selected
-Very intuitive shot chart for keeping up with players shots
-Mail composer to send out quarter, game or season totals for your team also emails stats out for your opponents
-Simple tap to add and right swipe to subtract stats.
-On screen scoreboard to help keep accurate score and keep you in the right quarter

I’m not a basketball coach or even fit to play one on TV, but this app sounds quite good if you are one, or someone who has a need to track stats for a high school team or similar.

You can find RapidStats Basketball in the App Store now, priced at $4.99.

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