Reader’s Digest Magazine Now Has an iPad Version

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Readers Digest for iPad

Reader’s Digest Magazine is the latest iPad version of a popular magazine title to appear in the App Store.

It’s a universal app that will run on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad – and the print version of it is described by its publishers as ‘the world’s most popular and portable magazine’.

Here’s a couple slices of the description for Reader’s Digest Magazine on the iPad, taken from its App Store description and a promotional email from its publishers:

Now the whole family can enjoy the incredible range of features in each issue — which look amazing on the iPad’s high-resolution screen. Plus see a short video of RD’s editor highlighting her must-read features of the month.

The first ever digital version of the world’s most popular paid circulation magazine, the Reader’s Digest iPad edition, produced by YUDU Media will fully replicate the printed newsstand version in full digital format but with enhanced content and features such as video.
The latest edition will be available for free to any reader downloading the Reader’s Digest iPad App in a bid to propel the iconic magazine into one of the UK’s leading digital publications.

I haven’t looked at the app as yet – partly because the description, as you can see above, gives almost zero detail on what any of ‘the incredible range of features’ are.  I’m not a regular Reader’s Digest reader, so I need a lot more to go on to be enticed to check this one out.  I also would prefer if they would offer some information on what future issues may cost.

If you’re a Reader’s Digest Magazine fan, you can find it in the App Store now, and it is currently a free app.

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3 thoughts on “Reader’s Digest Magazine Now Has an iPad Version”

  1. I'll try it and hope to love it. It looks great so far with a slick and simple UI and a good user experience just from the screenshots. wait and see.

  2. It's well done. Unfortunately, for those of us on the wrong side of the pond, it's the UK version so most of the content is relatively uninteresting.

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