Recommended – The Beginning of a Great iPad Developer Success Story

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River of News for iPad

App Store success stories are still pretty few and far between, especially those that involve single person or very small indie developer shops. So it’s always great to come across one. Today I read one that is not quite a big success story yet, but one that I hope will become one.

Dylan Ginsburg of Idyllic Code has done a post detailing what sort of earnings a ‘modestly successful’ app generates in its first few months. And the app in question is a superb one called River of News – my favorite RSS reader app for the iPad and one that I’m overdue on reviewing (sneak preview: it’s great, go get it). 

In addition to revealing some of his sales figures, Ginsburg also shares his thoughts on how things have gone for him generally with his fledgling App Store efforts and a recent important decision relating to this. This is my favorite section of his post: 

OK, what about satisfaction with my work? I don’t have a chart for that but I don’t think I need one. Developing River of News has been the most rewarding "work" of my life. It’s not even close. My sleeping is all screwed up because I keep thinking about how I can make my software better. That’s right, "my software." What a great thing to be able to say. I’ve gotten such tremendous satisfaction from creating something that people use and like.

Less money, more satisfaction. What do I do?

I resigned from my job this week.

Sounds like that’s a heck of a ballsy decision. Here’s hoping it works out well for Ginsburg. River of News is certainly deserving of every success that can come its way.

You can check out the full story at the River of News Blog here:

And if you’re an RSS fan, you can do yourself and your iPad a big favor and go grab River of News in the App Store now, for just $3.99 – and maybe even find down the road that you’re a small part of a big, happy success story.

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