Recommended: Things Developers Talk About Their Plans for Adding OTA Sync Feature

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Things is one of my all-time favorite and most essential apps – for keeping up with tasks on my iPad, iPhone, and Mac. I’ve talked a bit recently about how much I’d like to see the app add OTA (over the air) sync to its feature set, and even criticized its developers (Cultured Code) for not communicating more with users about the status of progress on developing this feature.

So I was very happy to see a new blog post up at the Cultured Code site earlier this week – titled State of Sync – Part 1. It’s a post that tackles their users concerns about lack of communication on this subject head-on – and provides a lot of insight on their approach to adding this big new feature.

The blog post goes into a good amount of detail on the challenges facing Cultured Code in developing the OTA sync solution they want to deliver. It is also – as its title would imply – the first in a promised series of posts that will get into more specifics on the upcoming solution:

With what will be a forthcoming series of blog posts, I will not only look back to give an idea of what it’s like when a software company is worrying – but I will also share some details about the technology that will underpin our solution and what it will mean for our users.

Towards the end of the blog post, Jürgen (the post author) reveals a little about the current state of play regarding OTA sync development:

Before closing this article, I would like to offer a cursory glance of where we’re at right now: We have created and deployed both server and client-side sync components. Both components are completely general and can be used for any application. They have been successfully tested using a special demo program. We are now in the process of integrating this technology into Things.

The final release of cloud sync as part of Things is still off by a few months. But we plan to publish more details about what we are doing (and have been doing) every few weeks.

For me, seeing this post is very good news from many angles. Firstly, it is very nice to see even just a general timeframe for when we may see cloud sync, within a few months. It’s also very good to see Cultured Code talking to their users about this, and sharing so much of what is involved in deciding upon the right solution for this crucial feature and outlining their approach. I’m looking forward to following their series of posts on this subject – and based on this first one, I have a good feeling about their solution being worth waiting for.

Check out their post here:

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