Reeder for iPad Coming Soon

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Reeder for iPad tweet

As you can see in the screenshot above, if things go according to plan Reeder for iPad should be submitted for App Store approval this weekend. 

Reeder is one of the most popular RSS apps for the iPhone and its iPad version is being anxiously awaited by many of my writing colleagues on this site and our sister iPhone site.

Several preview screencaps of Reeder for iPad have been posted as well.  Here’s one of them:

Reeder for iPad RSS app

Looks like we may be seeing Reeder for iPad hit the store this week if things go to plan and Apple approves it fairly quickly.

Thanks to Aaron for the tip on this!

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12 thoughts on “Reeder for iPad Coming Soon”

  1. I was waiting for Reeder until I discovered Pulse. Now I want Pulse on my Mac and other iDevices!

    1. If you mean the Pulse News Reader app, it's not an RSS app as far as I can see. It only allows up to 20 sources, which is far too few for me and likely many others. It has no Google Reader support in its current version. Not really a comparable app to Reeder and other leading RSS apps.

  2. Excellent news. I know you all have been talking about Feedler lately, but I want to see how this stacks up.

    I rarely use Google for my RSS needs, instead I use Vienna on the Mac. For this reason I tend to read some feeds on my computer (how old fashioned!) and a small set which I subscribe to in NewsRack on my iPad. I have Reeder on my iPhone, but when I load it up I often find I have over 1000 new stories since it is checked so irregularly.

  3. Does Feeddler Pro or NewsRack support reading articles when you are offline? When I tried using Feeddler on the subway, I was only able to read the caches headlines, not the entire article.

    1. Feeddler Pro's feature lists includes this item:

      * Caches up to 100 RSS articles for each feed.

      I haven't tested that, but it appears to offer more than just headline cacheing.

      NewsRack's App Store page does not mention anything about cacheing capabilities.

      1. I'm not sure about this myself, I know that Byline lets me read cached articles in my starred folder in their entirety offline. So far no iPad app works the same way. On the other hand, Pulse has been remarkably useful once I reset my expectations.

        1. Pulse does look like a quality app – I just think it is an apples to oranges comparison here though. It allows only 20 RSS feeds – for most RSS users I know that's a fraction of their subscriptions.

  4. Pulse now integrates with Google Reader; I just put it on my iPad and it's neat, but we'll see if it becomes my reader of choice. The 20 feed limit isn't actually binding for me, but i'd like it to have an option where it only showed feeds with new articles. Sigh. NewsRack is OK, but it's just so plain vanilla. And it doesn't let me mark something as read without actually viewing the article. Thank goodness Reeder for iPad is almost here!!

  5. I just got the Early Edition and it's awesome… I initially wasn't so sure about the newspaper style, but it works well and is very flexible with feeds to be from categories, specific feeds, or all etc… This looks great as well, but I don't think I want to spend more money on the same type of app… I'll have to see the price to see if it's worth it, but one good reader should be enough for me!

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