Reeder for iPad Is in the App Store Now

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Reeder for iPad

Reeder for iPad is now out in the App Store.  This has been a hugely popular RSS reader app on the iPhone for some time now, and the arrival of its iPad version has been heavily anticipated.

Forgive me if you already know about this one by the way – I’ve been in World Cup Enjoying mode for much of the weekend, and not keeping up with techie news as much as usual.

Here’s the listing of features for Reeder for iPad, from its App Store page:

Syncs with Google Reader
– Browse by feed or folders
– Manage starred items, notes
– Support for shared items and friends’ shared items
– Mark as unread
– Image caching
– State saving
– Slider control for list entries:
> slide to right to toggle read/unread
< slide to left to toggle starred/unstarred

– Send to Instapaper or ReadItLater
– Save to Delicious* or Pinbard
– Post to Twitter
– In-app email for sharing articles
– Instapaper and Google Mobilizer
– Open with Safari
– Copy Link

* Saving to Delicious doesn’t work with a Yahoo login at the moment

I have not been as big a fan of Reeder on the iPhone as some of my colleagues over at our sister site covering the iPhone are – but I’ve been giving it another try leading up to the iPad version release, and liking it a little more than before.

Having only just installed Reeder for iPad minutes ago, I don’t have any major thoughts on it as yet, except one – it look very different to the iPhone app.

Here are a couple more screenshots of the app:

Reeder RSS app for iPad    Reeder app for iPad

You can find Reeder for iPad in the App Store now, priced at $4.99.

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4 thoughts on “Reeder for iPad Is in the App Store Now”

  1. Personally I think its a nice start but not worthy of the accolades and rating it has gotten. Sure its a unique way to view RSS feeds, so you have to give the author credit for really thinking about how a reader should work on an ipad. not everything needs to work exactly like the email client. Its a good 4+ but missing quite a few features that other RSS readers already in the app store have. Personally I'd like to see:

    – a few different themes. The grey is bland and will get old fast
    – options.. where are they? I want to control things like how long articles are stored, as well as only seeing unread articles.
    – option for thumbnails on the article list. They look like boring emails without pictures.
    – the folders are all dull… should be able to assign an image to them (especially when they are groups and won't generate their own)
    – can we sync with RSS's without using Google?
    – how about some password protection on the app or even the folders. I don't want someone seeing what political blogs I might be following.. and the iPad gets passed around at work quite often.

    1. It is not my favorite RSS app either, though I can see some of the things that many others like about it.

      I agree with you on the theme subject – I find this one too subtle for its own good in places. I'm also not a fan of those image 'thumbnail' blocks – don't see the point and don't like the look at all.
      I'm not sure if you're able to sync without Google Reader, but given that the app is all about that and touted as such, I don't think you can knock it for that, even if it's not possible.
      Also, I've never seen any RSS app with any sort of password protection included. I imagine that's a feature that a very small percentage of users would want or expect in this type of app.

  2. I’m one of those people that gave reeder 5 stars… Tried byline, newsstand, and now reeder, and there’s really no comparison.

    Oh, and unlike the previous commentor, I had no difficulty viewing only unread, or setting a message retention policy. Apparently, the interface confused him.

  3. I can understand everyone excitement over Reeder's usability, but the color scheme is a bit drab and could use more contrast. I really wish it had better caching for online articles since I do a lot of my reading underground. When I have internet access I tend to use Google Reader via the browser.

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