Reeder for iPad Now a Free App

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There sure are lots of interesting things happening in the RSS apps space since Google announced they’ll be shutting down Google Reader on July 1.

This week there is very good news on this front regarding the excellent Reeder for iPad app. For starters, the app is now free, and so is the Reeder for Mac app.

More importantly, the developer of Reeder has announced that he is working on a number of backend sharing and syncing services to replace Google Reader – and these new solutions will be coming to the iPad, iPhone, and Mac versions of the app in coming months. For the iPad they will come in Reeder 2.0, hopefully before Google shuts down Reader.

I imagine that Reeder 2.0 may well be a paid app again, or a free app with something like subscription options or similar for sync services. Either way I’ll be happy to pay for an already excellent RSS app and some new sync services.

Here’s an App Store link for Reeder for iPad.

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