Reeder iPhone App Adds First Google Reader Replacement Sync Service

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Reeder iPad app

The Reeder iPhone app has added a first Google Reader alternative sync service.

In a recent update the Reeder iPhone app has added support for both Feedbin as a third party sync service to replace Google Reader, which Google is going to shutdown on July 1, and for using Reeder as a local / standalone RSS app, with no syncing.

These features have not yet been added to the Reeder for iPad app, but the iPhone app update shows that Reeder is making quick progress on the changes promised last month in response to the news that Google Reader was being killed off. The developer also made clear that these changes, and likely support for more than one alternative RSS sync service, will be coming to the Reeder for iPad soon too.

So, the iPhone app update is good news for all of us Reeder for iPad users who are keen to stay with the app even after the demise of Google Reader.

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