Revolution 60 Now Available for iPad

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Revolution 60 for iPadRevolution 60, the first title from dev studio Giant Spacekat, is now out on the App Store. Rev 60 is a good example of mobile-first gaming experiences (which is increasingly common thanks to iOS), and also a great example of a video game with strong female protagonists (which is still quite rare). The mix of action and adventure gameplay in Rev 60 remind me a lot of Bioware’s Mass Effect series and Telltale’s point-and-click adventure games.

I spent a few minutes with the game earlier today, and although some of the animations and sound effects didn’t feel quite as spot-on compared to other triple-A mobile titles, I liked how much effort was put into a fully voice-acted and well-written storyline. I find that really refreshing after the relative silence of titles like Infinity Blade. The art style and colour palette also reminded me fondly of the ReBoot series I used to watch as a kid.

If you’d like to check Revolution 60 out, it’s free to download, and it costs only $6 to unlock the entire game (piecemeal in-app purchasing silliness need not apply).

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2 thoughts on “Revolution 60 Now Available for iPad”

  1. I saw this post earlier so I decided to try out this new game. The idea of female protagonists got me (*wink) so I tried it out. It was great, the characters and storyline were cool. The visuals we amazing and this groundbreaking RPG is really a must-try. Screams GIRL POWER! to me ;)

  2. Yes! I loved ReBoot. Much more adult humor in there than I think it was ever given credit for (I was in my late 20’s when I watched it for a year or two). I had no idea it was on as long as it was!

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