River of News Google Reader RSS App Is Now a Free App

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River of News Free

River of News, one of my favorite RSS reader apps for the iPad, has now become a free app. It is now called River of News Free for Google Reader RSS, and is available now as a free, ad-supported app.

I’ve always enjoyed River of News because its interface is very similar to Google Reader itself, but presented more attractively on the iPad. Or, as the App Store page for the app puts it:

▶ I love Google Reader! Does River of News work like the web site?
Absolutely, but better. This is the only iPad app that lets you simply scroll through the full articles, one after the other. You don’t have to keep opening and closing windows. And, of course, articles get marked as read when you scroll past them.
And, unlike the Google Reader web site, River of News is gorgeous and optimized for the iPad.

Here’s the feature list for this new free version of the app:

● Always in sync with Google Reader
● Continuous scrolling list of articles
● Swipe sideways between feeds
● Mark as read while you scroll
● Double tap to jump to the next article
● Typography optimized for reading
● 6 fonts and 4 sizes. Choose what is comfortable for your eyes.
● Sort by newest, oldest, or magic
● Pinch to zoom images. Tap and hold to save to them.
● One step sharing with configurable gestures

I’ve installed River of News Free this morning and had a quick look around. It shows banner ads down at the bottom of the main feeds screen and some smaller banners at the end of individual post items. In this free version you can’t share articles to social networks or other services like Pocket or Instapaper. Other than that, it’s the same River of News I’ve always known and enjoyed. You can get rid of the ads and enable sharing features with an In-App purchase of $2.99

Here’s an App Store link for River of News Free.

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