River of News Updated – iOS 5 Improvements

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River of News – RSS Google Reader for iPad – by far and away my favorite RSS reader app for the iPad – has been updated this week, to Version 1.4.

This is mainly an iOS 5 and performance improvements update – here’s the change list for it:

✭ Rewritten to take advantage of iOS 5
✭ Better scrolling and responsiveness
✭ Tweet with new iOS 5 interface
✭ Many bug fixes and stability improvements

I use this app heavily every day, and I can say it’s definitely feeling a lot smoother and quicker after applying the update.

The update details also mention that there is ‘an exciting new feature update in the works’. That sounds good. I hope the app will soon be updated to account for the changes in Google Reader itself, in terms of how sharing is done (via Google+ now).

Here’s an App Store link for River of News; it’s priced at $3.99.

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