RSS Reader Options When Google Reader Is Shutdown: Lots of Good News

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This week there is lots of good news about RSS solutions for iPad and iOS apps when Google Reader is shutdown on July 1, and Feedly is right at the center of most of it.  Feedly itself offers RSS apps and clients for iPad, iOS, Android, and the Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. Their RSS syncing service is also going to be adopted by the hugely popular Reeder app for iPad and iOS and several other notable RSS apps.

I’m one of the many people who was very sad and more than a little worried when Google announced they would be shutting down Google Reader, and with not a whole lot of notice. Since that was announced I’ve been trying out several alternatives to Google Reader, while also hoping that Reeder would have a good response – as it has been my favorite RSS app on the iPad for a long while now. I’ve tried Newsblur, Feed Wrangler, and reacquainted myself with Feedly.

Feedly has improved tremendously since I last used it a couple years back. I’ve been using it in Chrome, on my iPad mini, and on my Galaxy Note 2. It works well on all three platforms, and has actually becoming my new favorite because of its much-improved UI and its cross-platform support.

Feedly iPad app

Feedly has been working on their own RSS syncing service to replace Google Reader for a long time, since well before Google announced they would be shutting down Reader. It’s great to see that their service will be one of the backend services used by Reeder and other notable RSS apps like Press and gReader.

Over recent weeks my worries about the demise of Google Reader have just about disappeared. My past favorite Reeder app is putting good solutions in place and shouldn’t skip a beat and now Feedly has become an equal or even better option for me with its support for iOS and Android, Feedly in particular looks like it is strongly committed to RSS – so I’m feeling ready to say good riddance to Google Reader.

What are you all doing about RSS apps on iPad and wherever else you use them? Which are your favorite RSS apps?

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2 thoughts on “RSS Reader Options When Google Reader Is Shutdown: Lots of Good News”

  1. My absolute favorite RSS app is Mr. Reader. I love the interface and the sharing options are unmatched by anyone else. In particular, I can link my Diigo account which I can’t find anywhere else. Unfortunately it is not as fast as Reeder with loading pages, but for now I can deal with that. I hope that they will take up Feedlys syncing service like Reeder is doing.

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