Screencast Demo of New Transitions in Keynote for iPad

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Keynote is one of the best, flagship iPad apps. It’s easy to use, powerful, full of nice features, and just superb to use for creating great slide presentations on the iPad.

It was updated last week and added a good range of transitions and builds, 3D charts that are fun to work with, and a much-needed Undo function.

So I did a little screencast to show off some of these new features.

Patrick Jordan

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6 thoughts on “Screencast Demo of New Transitions in Keynote for iPad”

  1. Patrick:

    I give lots of presentations as a teacher and I’m looking to migrate from MBP to iPad. One big roadblock: the iPhone is the only remote presentation device that I have found works with Keynote via Bluetooth. I find it rather too large and I’ve been looking to see if the new Bluetooth 4 and new Keynote might finally include this functionality. So far, it seems not. Do you have any news of this? I don’t understand why Apple would exclude this functionality since it’s so ubiquitous these days. Who wants to use a $200 (at best) “clicker”?


    1. Hi Patrick and David,
      I was seeking a device to control a keynote presentation playing in a iPad 2.
      The Apple dealers said that is better to bring the iPad with you, but I don’t agree.
      The iPhone controlling software is far to be useful in a everyday basis and expensive.
      The iPad would be an extraordinary device for developing presentations in our University classes just including some compatibility with the typical pointers.


    2. I’m not sure I’m understanding your question. If it’s about whether the new iPad and BT 4.0 support more remote devices, then I honestly don’t know, it’s not a subject I’ve looked into. Sorry.

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