Scribe – New Text Editor App for iPad Looks Good

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Scribe is a new text editor app for the iPad and iPhone. Here’s a bit of its App Store intro and details on some of its key features:

Scribe is a powerful text editor for people who write on the web. With easy HTML markup addition and a clutter-free interface, it’s perfect for those who want to write rather than code.
Features include:
*Easy HTML Markup Addition – Scribe uses iOS’ built-in cut & paste menu to provide you with quick access to common markup options.
*Custom Typography – Scribe uses a custom version of the awesome free typeface Anonymous Pro, modified with extra space to let your prose breathe.
*Local File Storage with iCloud and Dropbox Support – Scribe stores all your files locally by default, but also supports syncing via iCloud and Dropbox.
*Markdown Support – For those who’d rather use Markdown syntax, Scribe offers full Markdown support, using the same menu options as HTML markup.
*Text Expander Support*
*Export via Email*
*AirPrint Support*
*Word Count, Character Count, and Line Count*
*Gesture-based Undo & Redo*
*Interface-free Mode*

I do a lot of note-taking and writing on my iPad 2, and fortunately there are a number of good apps for working with. Scribe has a strong set of features and I especially like any productivity app that offers both iCloud and Dropbox support, as Scribe does. So I bought and installed the app today.

My very early impressions of Scribe are all positive. I always like a clean and minimal UI for writing and Scribe provides that. I love the font they’ve chosen – it looks great in my test notes.

The ‘interface-free’ mode is a good one for making the UI even cleaner and distraction-free. I’ll continue using Scribe and share some thoughts on it and a few other favorite text editor / writing apps for iPad soon.

Here’s an App Store link for Scribe; it’s priced at $2.99 and is a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone. It requires iOS 5 or later. 

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