Searching for Instagram Apps for iPad…

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I’m now responsible for a number of Instagram accounts at my day job, and so I’ve been the lookout for apps that can manage multiple accounts, simultaneously. Given the popularity of the service, I’m surprised how difficult this task has actually been.
Hootsuite would have been my first choice because it can handle Twitter and Facebook. I can customize each brand into a tab, and each tab can have several panes for tweets, direct messages, or searches for specific hashtags. Unfortunately, I quickly learned that Hootsuite has no access to Instagram.

The next app I decided to try was Grab for Instagram. It’s a free download with no in-app purchases, and although it won’t let me post images or video due to API restrictions, it does support multiple logins. I can use the sidebar to switch between accounts, check on engagement rates, and repost images that are deemed on-brand.

So far I’m liking Grab for Instagram, but not loving it. I’d really like for the app to save my logged accounts through iCloud so that my iPhone and iPad stayed nicely in sync. Having to log in to the corporate accounts twice — once on my iPhone and once again on the iPad — just feels pointless when I’m using the same app on both devices. However, until I find something better, Grab for Instagram will have to do.

[If anyone has any recommendations for great Instagram-compatible apps on the iPad, I’d be all ears.]

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8 thoughts on “Searching for Instagram Apps for iPad…”

  1. Take a look at Padgram to see if it works any better for you. The free version will give you an idea if it meets your needs, and, if it does, the paid version (premium) allows for multiple account logins. I’ve been using the paid version for that purpose for quite some time. I particularly like their ‘subscribe to tag’ feature and the ability to assign a tag set to a photo with just a few keystrokes.

  2. Check out ‘Retro’ for Instagram on the iPad. It has all the features you seem to be looking for, though it may require an in-app purchase for managing multiple accounts.

  3. My favorite is FLOW for Instagram . I love it for the iPad. You can pay for the extra features like login in for other accounts etc … You can leave messages but you just cannot post. I paid for the extras and I think it was $3.99 ? But it is great !!!!!

    Try it You’ll like it

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