Shocker: Google Launches New YouTube iOS App, No iPad Version

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YouTube iPhone app

Here’s a bit of shocking news: Google has released a new YouTube app today for the iPhone, but somehow it slipped their mind to do an iPad version.

A similar thing happened with their Google+ app for iOS – it took over a year to see an iPad version.

The release of the YouTube iPhone app is thought to be in response to the disappearance of the built-in YouTube app in the latest iOS 6 betas, and to be part of the ever so entertaining tit for tat battles between Apple and Google.

As I said about the Google+ app, the lack of an iPad version of this new YouTube app seems more Google’s loss than Apple’s. For my money, the YouTube app has never been much good anyway and I far prefer using a number of good 3rd party video apps, like Vodio and Frequency and Squrl.

Here’s an App Store link for YouTube for iPhone – just in case you want to see how goofy it looks on your iPad.

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