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Simplenote has recently become my most used note-taking app on the iPhone.  It’s also the one I am likely to use most on the iPad (alongside Evernote, if I ever get the app to launch for me).

I’ve become a big fan of Simplenote’s (cough) simple approach and it’s clean OTA sync.  When I need to I use JustNotes on my Mac laptop to work easily with files synced across from the iPhone, and vice-versa.  I am using the app all the time on the iPad as well (it’s in my dock!), even its rather ugly pixel-doubled incarnation.

So I’m very glad to hear that there are plans for Simplenote for iPad – and that it won’t be too long before we see it.

Here’s a little more on that, straight from the Simplenote blog:

We’re really excited about the upcoming release of iPad, and we definitely plan to support it. Having said that, Simplenote for iPad won’t be available immediately. We’re going to spend some time working with the hardware first to make sure everything flows as expected.

After we do some more testing in the coming weeks, we’ll submit a basic, working version that should hopefully become available within a month or so. This version won’t have much extra in the way of features just yet, but with time it will evolve based on your feedback, just like we did with Simplenote for iPhone.

Mark me down as definitely very keen to see this one hit ‘the iPad App Store’ whenever the devs are ready. A good notes app – or often more than one -  is always an essential for me on mobile devices.

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3 thoughts on “Simplenote for iPad – Coming Soon”

  1. Looking forward to it! Either this or WriteRoom since they both seem rather similar to me (which reminds me, did your sister site ever finish the showdown between the two, I never saw the promised follow-up). As it is, I just try to keep both sets of notes synced. Not easy, but I never got around to choosing which I liked better. I'm leaning towards WriteRoom since it saves everything as text files on my Mac but I'd be happy with either.

    Once one of those along with Dropbox get updated for the iPad I'll be set.

  2. One big problem with cloud-based apps like SimpleNote is that they don't function in the iPad's Safari browser. Although it–and a bunch of other cloud apps like Google Docs–work perfectly in Safari and all other browsers on a PC, they don't function properly in the iPad browser. I consider this a huge problem, although I'm generally a fan of my new iPad.
    Moreover, the iPhone version of SimpleNote doesn't work correctly on the iPad either.

    1. How does it not work correctly on the iPad? It's a little ugly when pixel-doubled, but is working just fine for me with daily use.

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