Simplenote Updated – Now Supports iPad!

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Simplenote on iPad

Simplenote has just been updated – to Version 2.60 – and has added iPad support.

The update lists the new iPad support as ‘basic’ and says that it will be improved over time.

This is one of my favorite and most-used notes apps and I’d been looking forward to an iPad version of it.

Simplenote iPad version

I’ve only spent a short while trying out the new iPad version, but so far it looks very good.  The basic, minimalist style of the app has been maintained, but of course now text is crisp and clear in both landscape and portrait views.  No more sized-up blurriness.  Of course, it also uses popovers as well, in both modes.

Although I have nothing against future updates and enhancements, I have to say that the current iPad version already looks good enough to be a go-to app on the iPad just as on the iPhone. 

You can find this latest version of Simplenote in the App Store now, and it is a free app.

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6 thoughts on “Simplenote Updated – Now Supports iPad!”

  1. Very happy with the update. I would have been perfectly fine with just the inclusion of better graphics and text viewing on the iPad. Even at this "basic" stage it does everything I want it to. I'm glad they pushed this out instead of waiting for the other upgrades they have planned.

    It appears the wait for a WriteRoom iPad update is quite a ways off. I guess that answered my question as to which one, between WriteRoom or Simplenote, would be my note-taker of choice. I actually like WriteRoom a bit more, feature wise (specifically the way it syncs notes to my Mac as text files), but I can always revisit that when it comes out.

    Now all I need is Dropbox to do the same and I will be rid of iPhone apps on the iPad. Just a simple graphics overhaul would be enough.

  2. I feel very much the same. Quite content with Simplenotes as is. I've tried Writeroom but never really enjoyed it much. Dropbox is a killer for me on the desktop, haven't made much use of it yet on the iPhone – but same as you, I am keen to get rid of all my remaining iPhone apps on the iPad.

  3. This is totally awesome! I have to get the upgrade… I really like this app and I use it to keep a listing of things I must do. Now

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