Sneak Peek – Agile Messenger for iPad Coming Very Soon

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Agile Messenger for iPad

Agile Messenger has been my favorite IM (instant messaging) app on the iPhone for a very long time. So I’m very happy to say that Agile Messenger for iPad should be hitting the App Store very soon. In fact, it has already been submitted for Apple’s approval.

I’ve been using the final pre-release build for a little while now, and it looks and works great. One big new addition in the iPad version is Facebook support. You can see your Facebook notifications, update your status, and chat with Facebook friends from within the app.

Here’s one more quick screencap – in portrait mode this time:


Another little feature I like is being able to apply an image from my photo library as the chat background.

Agile Messenger for iPad should hit the App Store any day now, and I’ll be passing on more thoughts on it once it does.

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3 thoughts on “Sneak Peek – Agile Messenger for iPad Coming Very Soon”

  1. No offense.

    But with this kind of unfrequent update history, I don’t think it can be recommended for other people. It won’t even be updated to support new features provided by the iOS.

    In addition, with the strange non-standard interface from both iPhone and iPad version, I doubt whether this is usable. From your screenshot, the colour of choice is definitely suck.

    1. We sincerely appreciate your feedback and we wanted to take a second to respond to your comments:

      We agree that the iPhone version of Agile Messenger is in need of a substantial update, and the primary reason for the long period of time is that we did an entire re-write of the application for this iPad build (which is being tested and updated to a Universal Binary in the very near future).

      We have a number of updates on the roadmap for the near term future, including the Universals Binary which will be a free update that adds support for the iPhone and iPod Touch, support for the Skype network, amongst many other features that are planned.

      We believe that our iPad GUI is extremely functional and that you will love it, if you give it whirl… As for the color choice, that is a background that was selected by the user that tested the application in these screenshots, but it’s completely definable by the user and those are not the defaults.

      We sincerely appreciate any and all feedback, and want to assure you that we have every intention of taking all feedback into consideration and frequently updating the application.

      I’d ask you to please download the lite version of Agile Messenger HD when it’s in the App Store it’s a free app, and give it a whirl, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised…. If not, we would really welcome and appreciate your feedback.

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