Sneak Peek – Lots of Dr. Seuss Books & Apps Goodness Coming to the iPad

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Cat in the Hat on iPad

How good would Dr. Seuss books look on the iPad?  If you said damn good, you’re right. And it’s not would, it’s will – as Oceanhouse Media plans to bring all of Dr. Seuss to the iPad.  Yay!

Like so many people, I’ve been a huge fan of Dr. Seuss since childhood.  As a parent of an almost seven year old, I’ve got the perfect excuse to continue enjoying his wonderful works as my daughter discovers them.

My daughter and I are also big fans of the Dr. Seuss books and apps that have come to the iPhone.  So I was extremely happy to get a chance this week to talk to Michel Kripalani, President of Oceanhouse Media – who have the rights to bring all of the works of Dr. Seuss to the iPhone and iPad platform.  Hit the jump for some details on when we can expect to see Dr. Seuss hit the iPad and another lovely screencap …

Here’s some of what I learned in a short chat with Michel:

— Oceanhouse has the license to publish all the works of Dr. Seuss on both the iPhone and the iPad.

— Within all the Dr. Seuss eBooks for iPhone and iPad, all original artwork is used.

— On the Dr Seuss games apps published by Oceanhouse, they focus on being faithful to what Dr. Seuss created in his works, and work closely with Dr. Seuss Enterprises to ensure that these goals are being met.

— Here’s the best news.  Oceanhouse plans to bring all Dr. Seuss titles to the iPad and iPhone.

— More good news – their first three Dr. Seuss eBooks for the iPad are already up and running in an iPad simulator, so they are just awaiting getting their hands on the actual hardware to go through final stages of testing.  So those first three should be released either at iPad launch day or within a couple of weeks after the launch date. Those first three titles are: How The Grinch Stole Christmas, The Cat in the Hat, and Dr. Seuss’s ABC.

Here’s one more sneak peek screenshot:


I can’t wait to see these first three titles hit the iPad – oh, and Green Eggs & Ham and lots of others as well of course.  As nice as these are on the iPhone – which is very nice indeed – I think the iPad will lend itself much more to a ‘Let’s read a bedtime story together’ sort of role, as that lovely big screen is perfectly suited to that.

Here’s how I think the Dr. Seuss books will fare on the iPad, borrowing the words of the good doctor himself:

And will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed!

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