Some iPad Apps Now Prompting When They Have an iOS 6 Update

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iPad apps iOS 6 update

This is something I’ve not see before. This morning when I opened the Weather HD app on my iPad I got the huge popover message shown above, letting me know that the app has an update available for iOS 6. The wording is like so:

Dear Weather HD Users

A new update, 2.0.2, is now available for Weather HD that brings compatibility with iOS 6.0. Please launch the App Store and update.

I don’t recall ever seeing this sort of update alert for an app, and I’m not sure whether apps were ever allowed to do this sort of thing in the past. I opened a few other apps that I know have iOS 6 updates waiting to be applied – and didn’t see this message from any others.

Have any of you seen messages like this from any of your installed iPad apps? I think it’s useful to see this sort of message, for something like a major iOS update. I don’t think I’d want to see this style of alert for standard app updates though.

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