Some iPad Magazines Already Offering Subscriptions

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iPad magazines offering subscriptions

Yesterday Apple announced its new subscription service, making it possible for publishers of newspapers, magazines and other types of content to offer subscriptions to users. Before the day was even done, the first few iPad magazine titles offering subscriptions hit the App Store.

The first three I’ve seen are Elle, Nylon, and Popular Science+.

Popular Science+, which has had a very good critical reception since it hit the App Store along with the iPad launch last April, is offering an annual subscription for $14.99 until the end of February. That’s a 75% savings over the single issue cost of $4.99 and 25% off the regular subscription price of $19.99.

Of course, News Corp’s The Daily newspaper is also offering subscriptions, as they were the first app to use this feature when they launched earlier this month. 

Have you spotted any other apps offering subscriptions yet? Have you signed up for any subscriptions?

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4 thoughts on “Some iPad Magazines Already Offering Subscriptions”

  1. Just signed up for Pop Sci! This new payment option is going to be huge, can’t wait to see all the new revenue models coming down over the next few months.

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