Sports Illustrated Hits the iPad

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Sports Illustrated for iPad

Sports Illustrated – the hugely popular US weekly sports magazine – has launched its iPad version.  The app is titled Sports Illustrated Magazine.

I grew up loving Sports Illustrated and anxiously awaiting its delivery every Thursday, so I’m very glad to see an iPad edition of it and have been checking it out a little today.

SI for iPad

Here’s a bit more detail on Sports Illustrated Magazine, straight from its App Store page:

The SI iPad edition gives you everything you’ve come to expect from the magazine plus the best of

Twice as many photos in exclusives galleries
Feature stories enriched with slideshows and video
Live scores and customized news feeds
Original video essays, interviews and commentary
Classic pieces by SI’s greatest writers
Social media sharing of SI content on Facebook and Twitter
Read and store as many digital issues as you’d like within the app

The app itself is free and comes with a free (shorter than standard) sample issue, to give you a feel for what’s on offer.  You can get the latest full issues via in-app purchase, at $4.99 each – once again a very premium price for an iPad edition of a well-known title.

You can preview an issue before buying – with the preview consisting of a one page overview of the issue contents.

I’ve looked at the sample issue and purchased the June 28 issue.  When I’ve spent a bit more time with the app I’ll look to review it.  As far as very quick first impressions go, the app looks good.  Great SI content and photos, and some nice interactive and multimedia elements.

You can find the Sports Illustrated Magazine app in the App Store now – again, the app itself is free along with a short sample issue, and full issues can be purchased in-app for $4.99 apiece.

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4 thoughts on “Sports Illustrated Hits the iPad”

  1. The big question is whether current subscribers to the print edition will be eligible for any iPad subscription discounts. KEW

  2. These magazine apps need to be better integrated into publisher's business models. There should be options for web+print+app subscriptions similar to how the WSJ does it.

  3. Yup – agreed – price is going to be a big factor for all these newspaper and magazine titles hitting the iPad, and they all to be 'going big' on pricing unfortunately.

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