SportsTap Hits the iPad

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SportsTap for iPad

SportsTap was the first US sports scores and results app I got to know on the iPhone – way back in the days before the App Store, when it was just a web app. It has remained on my iPhones ever since – and is still usually the first place I turn if I need to check on a game quickly.

Now we have SportsTap for iPad to enjoy our really rather magnificent new babies. This new version arrived as an update for me, as I’d already been running the iPhone version on the iPad.

I only had a very brief play with the app last night – but my first impression is that the iPad version is just about what I’d expect from SportsTap.  This app has never been big on features or frills.  It has remained fairly basic but easy to use.

SportsTap Photos

The iPad version holds true to that style.  It has added a good number of photos, which is kinda fun to see in SportsTap.  Maybe more bells and whistles are lurking and waiting to be discovered when I spend more time with the app.

For now, I’m just happy to see an old friend get a full iPad version and doing its thing on this great device.

If you’re after a good sports scores app for the iPad (with a strong US sports bias), SportsTap is well worth considering. You can find it in the App Store now, and it is a free app.

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3 thoughts on “SportsTap Hits the iPad”

  1. I haven't tried the SportsTap iPad update, but I do hope my sports app of choice, Sportacular, is updated soon. On the iPhone at least I found it to be a much cleaner experience.

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