Spotify for iPad Updated: Shiny New Interface

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Spotify for iPad

Spotify for iPad has been updated this week, to Version 0.6.0. This is the iPad app for the excellent music streaming service of course. This latest update is all about tweaks to the app’s user interface:

• New: Shiny new interface. You can navigate around the app with a new sidebar. Check it out by swiping left-to-right, or by pressing the ≣ button in the top left of the app.
• New: Now Playing bar. You’ll always see what you’re listening to along the bottom of Spotify. To switch tracks, just swipe along it. Tap or drag to see more information about the current track. Tap the cover art in the extended view to use AirPlay, and disable/enable shuffle and repeat.
• New: Track menu. Tap the … button on any track to see a redesigned context menu.

I like the Spotify app a lot and think the changes here are nice enough – though I have to say I’m finding that the swipe to switch tracks on the Now Playing bar doesn’t work exactly as described above, at least for me. I’m finding that this only works if I swipe right on the (quite small) thumbnail image at the far left of the Now Playing bar – not from any other part of it. Anyone else seeing it work this way?

In any case, it’s good to see the Spotify app for iPad getting updates and interface enhancements.

One quick totally off-topic point: have you listened to ZZ Ward yet? If not, check her out on Spotify or whatever app you use real soon. She’s excellent.

Here’s an App Store link for Spotify; it’s a free app though to use the iPad app it requires a premium account.

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