Spotify for iPad Updated – to Address Connectivity Issues

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Spotify for iPad

Spotify’s iPad app has been updated today, to Version 0.5.6. This update has a single purpose:

Addresses connectivity issues

I’ve seen two issues recently with Spotify on the iPad that seem like they are connectivity related: an error each time I open the app saying something along the lines of ‘this song is not available offline (as if it is taking the app a moment to properly see the iPad’s WiFi connection); and frequent skipping and dropping out when it is streaming songs.

The error on opening has certainly gone away since I updated the app, but I’m still seeing a fair bit of skipping. Perhaps that’s an issue on my side – I’ll need to explore it more.

I’m sure we have some Spotify for iPad users here – have you been seeing any connectivity issues with the app? If so, has this update fixed them for you?

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