Spotify Has Become a Favorite iPad App

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Spotify iPad app

I did a quick look post on Spotify for iPad back in early May when it was first released. I said at that time that it looked like a very good app, and happily my first impressions have proved true.

The app got consistently heavy use on my iPad during my 32 day free trial with it and I’m now a happy premium account subscriber. I use it on my MacBook Pro too – but more often on the iPad because I run a number of resource-intensive apps on the Mac and having one less open helps keep things running a little faster.

Spotify has become a real favorite iPad app for me. I love the app’s UI – it’s easy and intuitive to get around and do just about anything I want within the app. Add songs to playlists, create new playlists, discover new music and new artists, check out great playlists from friends or other Spotify users, and find just about any music I’m in the mood for.

I use a number of great music apps on my iPad, but Spotify has rapidly become the go-to app for music.

Have we got some other Spotify for iPad users here? If so, what do you think of the app?

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7 thoughts on “Spotify Has Become a Favorite iPad App”

  1. I quite agree, I actually have been a subscriber since they began and I must say I can’t live without it on iPhone and iPad. Paired with my apple tv it’s pure heaven. I’m listening right now while learning to build my first iOS app.

  2. It’s a wonderful way to explore the Spotify library and the iPad’s excellent battery life means it’ll stream music (via a Bluetooth stereo gateway) to my HIFI for hours. Definitely a favourite app.

  3. I agree – its very good. Its on my bottom tray of my Ipad which is only graced by my favourite Apps. I have Spotify on my Ipad, Iphone and Itouch with the IPad having all the playlists available offline and selected playlists offline on other devices.

  4. It’s a beauty! But I must say that I’m Missing one thing. Apps. I love the way of exploring new music with those apps i’m using on spotify on the Mac. I hope they will add this in the future.

  5. Great concept. Too bad you need to signup thru facebook. Absolute dealbreaker for me and many folks who like to maintai their privacy.

  6. I love spotify. I have been a premium subscriber for about 6 months now and the app gets a lot of use. I think that the $10 a month is a bargain. I like discovering new music and spotify easily saves me this each month. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a song and loved it only to find out that the album is terrible.

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