Spotify iPad App Updated: Adds Artist Bios & Images

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Spotify iPad app

The Spotify iPad app has been updated today, to Version 0.6.1. There’s only one notable new feature in this update, but it’s quite a nice one:

Look, there are images and artist biographies in the artist view

The new bio sections look good and it’s definitely nice to see them added. Here’s the remainder of this update’s change list:

• Fixed: No more pesky crashes when you skip in radio.
• Fictitious: This app is reverse-engineered using alien technology.

Spotify is an excellent iPad app, and it’s impressive to see the regular updates to the app – especially as this is not even listed as a 1.0 version yet.

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2 thoughts on “Spotify iPad App Updated: Adds Artist Bios & Images”

  1. Correction: The iPad client hasn’t been updated, the update is only for the iPhone. The artist info has been like it is on the iPad since it was first release. Stay calm and carry on…there’s nothing new here.

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