Spotify Now Has a (very good) iPad App

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Spotify for iPad

Spotify – the popular music streaming service – now has an iPad app. It’s available in the iPad App Store now – their existing iPhone app was updated to a universal app so it’s now designed to run on both iPad and iPhone.

I’ve been using the app all day today and I’m very happy with it, and with Spotify in general.

I had tried Spotify out a little before, when it first became available in the US – but the lack of an iPad app meant I didn’t feel tempted to upgrade to a premium account without ads before. You need a premium account to be able to use the iPad app (which is a $9.99 monthly subscription) – but right now there’s a 48 hour free trial and a promo that extends that to 30 days.

While waiting on the Spotify iPad app, I had just recently started looking at Rdio, another popular and well-respected music streaming service. I never really got a chance to give it much of a try though – as its Mac app refused to run – repeatedly saying that the Flash Player on my MacBook Pro needed updating, even directly after I successfully ran the suggested update. It also completely failed to run in the Chrome browser, complaining about Flash-blocking software while I’ve never installed any and while other Flash-heavy sites run just fine in Chrome.

Spotify for iPad

A handful of web searches didn’t yield any solutions to make Rdio run. Although I’m sure there must be ways to make it work, I can’t be bothered spending more time looking for them – since Spotify runs like a charm on my MacBook Pro, with no complaints. So needless to say I was very happy to see Spotify hit the iPad App Store today.

As soon as I got it installed and logged in, the app notified me that my 48 hour free trial of the premium level had begun. Shortly afterwards I got a promo email offering to extend the free trial for 30 days, with no strings attached. I followed the link and now have 32 days of free trial.

I should probably mention that one of the main reasons I’m interested in Spotify is that I’m just finding it quite a task to manage and maintain my iTunes music library lately. Worrying about backing up 40GB of iTunes library content every month and choosing a cross-section of playlists, tracks, and albums to sync to my iPad without chewing up all of its storage is not a barrel of laughs.

The idea of keeping the iTunes library and adding to it slowly based on music I discover on Spotify and elsewhere is appealing. So is being able to listen to just about anything I want on the iPad while not using any storage at all. One more advantage is that using Spotify on the iPad or MacBook Pro means I don’t have to run iTunes just to listen to music during the workday. That helps a lot, as iTunes tends to be a resource hog. Oh, and the free universal app runs well on the iPhone too – so Spotify provides my soundtrack in the workout room as well.

The app sees your iTunes music library too – so it’s able to play all the music I have synced over to my iPad – in addition to all of its own streaming content. I had created a few playlists when I originally tried out Spotify, so I was able to enjoy those throughout the day today.

Spotify iPad Macy playlist

Spotify iPad Soul playlist

For most of the day I’ve had WiFi turned on on my iPad, but I also turned it off for an hour to test Spotify streaming on 4G LTE. It worked flawlessly and used up only 32MB of data. So I’m thinking on a roadtrip with the iPad and Spotify providing the music I can get a ton of hours of use – which is very good thing when you live here in Texas.

In addition to offering access to over 15 million songs, here are some of the key features of the Spotify iPad app:

• Simple to browse and explore the Spotify catalogue
• Retina graphics for iPad and high-definition album art
• Search for playlists, users and music – all from the same view
• Discover what’s hot, and find trending playlists & songs among your friends
• Inbox grouped by user for easy searching
• Perfect as your living room stereo – full-screen view and AirPlay integration

I think Spotify is going to be a very good fit for me – and I’m certainly impressed with the iPad app. If the rest of the trial goes as well as the first day, I may well be a subscriber when it runs out.

Here’s an App Store link for Spotify for iPad; it’s a free app and a universal app designed to run on both iPad and iPhone. 

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4 thoughts on “Spotify Now Has a (very good) iPad App”

  1. It seems like you can’t subscribe to Spotify through the iTunes store though, only PayPal or a credit card which seems kind of odd. It would be nice to be able to keep all my subscriptions in one place, any chance they might change this?

  2. I like the idea of subscribing through iTunes. Thanks for suggesting this app. It’s great!

  3. spotify is easily the most amazing free music player out there. check out their top 10 promotion going on right now.. it’s awesome!

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