Spotify Updated – Adds New Radio Feature

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Spotify for iPad

Spotify for iPad – the popular music streaming app – was updated yesterday, to Version 0.5.2. The big new feature in this update is described like so:

There’s a great new radio experience in Spotify. Now you can discover and save music on the go! If your station plays a song you really like, save it with a single tap.

You can now create radio stations based on favorite artists, songs, genres, albums or playlists. You can also personalize and improve your radio stations by giving a thumbs up or down to each song offered up.

I’ve only tried out creating stations based on artists so far – and boy does it take a lot of personalizing / improving work to make these even OK to listen to. Whatever engine Spotify uses for this seems way off so far compared to Pandora and the like.

Just a few quick examples of why I’m not impressed with the Radio selections so far:

I did a Prince station and quickly got songs from Paul Simon and Fleetwood Mac. I don’t mind either of those but they’re both miles away from being anywhere the same sort of style music as Prince. I tried a Tom Petty station and got offered tracks from The Smiths – really?

Here’s the worst one of all, and you may want to avert your eyes for this one. I did a Macy Gray station and I got Eric Clapton, Frank Sinatra, and … Phil Collins. Yikes doesn’t begin to cover it. 

Spotify iPad app

Hopefully the results when using playlists or albums are much better – and there are a wide number of genre-based stations to choose from of course. Even of they’re not Spotify is still a favorite iPad app for me and I’ll keep working on improving the stations.

This latest update also includes a couple of fixes / enhancements in its change list:

  • Fixed: People view scrolls more smoothly
  • Fixed: Stability improved

Here’s an App Store link for Spotify; it’s a free app and a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone.

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