Status Board iPad App Gets a Huge 1.1 Update

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Status Board iPad app

Status Board, the popular new iPad app that offers to present data beautifully, has been updated to Version 1.1 this week. This is a huge update, with a slew of improvements, bug fixes, and enhancements.

Here’s my favorite enhancement listed in the update:

Portrait and landscape layouts are independent! That means when you switch orientations and your panels are messy, all you have to do is Edit in that orientation and the panels will stay where you place them. Next time you come back, they’re exactly where you left them. Make your status board look perfect in both orientations, then switch between them with abandon!

This makes the app so much smoother and slicker I think. I’m always a big fan of apps that work just as effectively in both landscape and portrait mode.

Here’s more of the enormous change list for this update:

We’ve Been Working Overtime:
• Improved overall stability and performance.
• Basic iOS video mirroring now works as expected.
(Deluxe “HD Out” still offered as an In-App Purchase for those who want non-letterboxed, best-quality output for an external display!)
• Much better performance for Calendar List panel, especially during resizing of the panel.
• Celsius/Fahrenheit can now be set for each Weather panel to override the iOS default.
Note: if you purchased HD Out in 1.0, you’ll have to “Restore” your purchase in 1.1. It’s free: no additional charge.
Additional Fixes:
– Improved place name matching on Clock and Weather panels. (“Hong Kong” and “Dallas, Texas” should resolve properly.)
– Graphs should be of the same type (bar or line) on both your iPad and its external display. (There are cases where they won’t, but this situation is much less frequent.)
– Totals now only display on CSV-driven graphs when specified. (They—incorrectly—used to display all the time.)
– Graph JSON can now specify a custom refresh rate. (See custom graph documentation.)
– Video can play in DIY panels on the iPad display. (Video does not work on external displays.)
– CSV parsing now supports semicolons (in addition to commas) as delimiters.
– Fixed issue where “phantom” RSS/Atom sources could linger around after being deleted.
– Tickers now scroll in sequence (top to bottom) rather than randomly.
– Improved message that displays when a spot for a panel can’t be found in a new orientation.
– Fixed issue where RSS/Atom feeds with non-unique item GUIDs could cause a crash.
– Fixed issue where deselected Twitter sources would be reselected upon re-opening of the Twitter panel customizer.
– Deleted tweets now disappear from feeds.
– Fixed issue where removing sources from graphs could cause the graph values to be incorrect.
– Count of emails/news items/tweets could sometimes be off by a small amount. Now fixed.
– Fixed issue where some panels would not clear error messages after they were resolved.
– After purchasing HD Out capability, user is provided with tips as to how to get the most out of their external display.
– Fixed issue where external display could be truncated on 1920×1200 monitors.

And here’s an App Store link for Status Board; it’s priced at $9.99.

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