Stephen Fry’s FryPad App to Hit the iPad This Friday

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Stephen Fry iPad app

Stephen Fry’s first ipad app – naturally called the FryPad – will launch this Friday (May 28), the same day that the iPad is released in the UK and eight other countries for the first stage of its international launch.

Fry is an acclaimed novelist and author, sitcom writer, comedian, tech geek and technology columnist for The Guardian, and all-round spectacularly brilliant bloke.

The upcoming FryPad app looks fairly basic – in the sneak-peek video look at it over at the T3 site.  It will be a collection of all of Fry’s blog postings and ‘blessays’ – with audio and video archive material to be added in a future update.

Frypad will be a free app, and there are already plans for a second, paid, iPad app from Fry. 

The second app is called Stephen Fry’s Sound Circus, will cost £1, and is described by T3 as …

a collection of Fry’s most popular quotes, complete with sound effects, from the last 20-years or so.

I’m a huge fan of Stephen Fry (as if that was not blatantly obvious) – and I’ll certainly be looking out for the new FryPad app on Friday.

Sources: Silicon Republic and T3

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4 thoughts on “Stephen Fry’s FryPad App to Hit the iPad This Friday”

  1. I hope he enjoys finding a new name for said app, since use of the word "pad" in the primary part of the name of an application has been banned by Apple as I found out the hard way.

    1. Hmmm – will be interesting to see if he gets different treatment. He is pals with Jonathan Ive and interviewed Jobs for Time Magazine. He may be in a different approvals line to you. :)

    1. The name ended up being FryPaper, not FryPad – I guess Brandon was right about Apple's touchiness on any use of 'pad' in an app's name. :)

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