Straight from The Horse’s Son’s Mouth – ‘The Daily’ for iPad Should Launch in a Few Weeks, Cost 99 Cents a Week

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James Murdoch, the son of Rupert Murdoch and Chaiman and CEO of News Corp, says he thinks and hopes their much-anticipated upcoming iPad-only title, The Daily, will launch in the next few weeks. TechCrunch’s Robin Wauters has the notes from his answers about The Daily (and other subjects) during an appearance at a conference in Germany:

Q: When is The Daily going to launch?

So first, The Daily is going to be a very exciting digital publication, which I think should be launching in the next few weeks, I hope.

It’s going to be a brand new piece of journalism. We want to get out there quickly, at a good price, and I think it will surprise people. I also think it will succeed or fail on the journalism part, not the bells and whistles.

You already employ about 126 people on the journalistic side for The Daily, and the price will be 99 US cents. Is that sufficient?

Well, we wanted it to have a very good price, affordable for most people, at 99 cents a week.

It lowers the barrier for people to enjoy high quality journalism. We realize the pricing models for apps and paid journalism as a whole is still developing, whether it will be bundled or tiered, and so on.

What we’re focused on is making the experience super simple, at great value, without stopping us from investing in really unique journalism. You know, as opposed to taking your RSS feeds, cutting and pasting wires like other publications. We want to break out of that.

I like that second answer a lot. Partly because it strikes me that 99 cents a week is quite a reasonable rate – and hopefully may even be accompanied by a less expensive subscription option once things are worked out with Apple. Even more so because of the goals he states for The Daily. It’s great to hear that he wants it to be much more than pasted RSS feeds. Now we just need to see some good execution on that. It’s also impressive to see that there are 126 ‘people on the journalistic side’.

I really am looking forward to seeing this title hit the iPad.

News Via: TechCrunch

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2 thoughts on “Straight from The Horse’s Son’s Mouth – ‘The Daily’ for iPad Should Launch in a Few Weeks, Cost 99 Cents a Week”

  1. 99c is indeed a good price for the Daily. I guess they are going for volume to maximize returns. When you look at it though, it is 4 bucks per month, $48 per year. Bear in mind that most iPad apps sell for less than $5, then it doesn’t seem so cheap.

  2. If looked at as an app price, it is relatively expensive. If you think of it as the cost of a daily newspaper for a year though – if the content is good – around $50 a year does not seem steep to me. Hopefully there will be the promised subscription options to bring this down further as well.

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