Sudoku Real Edition for iPad – Looking Real Good

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Sudoko Real Edition for iPad

Squeezing 81 squares onto an iPhone really sucks and this is why we’ve implemented it on the iPad.

That’s as good a reason as any I’ve heard for bringing out a custom iPad version of an app – and Sudoku Real Edition for iPad looks as if it has had plenty of love and attention poured into it.  It’s also apparently already been approved by Apple for release in the iPad App Store on Day 1.

The developers of Sudoku Real Edition were kind enough to email us with lots of details and lovely screenshots of their upcoming game – so I’m happy to share some of that here.

Here’s some of the thinking that went into the game’s UI:

Our game is unique in the way it aims to be as real as possible. When you’re playing it’s almost as if you went down to the store, bought a Sudoku book and sat down at a table to play.

Sudoku Real Edition is about taking a game everyone knows and implementing it into a polished, tailored app specifically for the iPad. Sudoku Real Edition has been created to be as real as possible so your mother or uncle will know how to play because it’s just like playing a real sudoku book.

The game graphics look incredible with the iPad’s higher resolution. All major graphical elements are real items we photographed which provides a great feeling of realism. The sound and animations have all been modelled off a real book. Instead of a "pause screen" for example, Sudoku Real Edition implements a bookmark that slides into place. There is also "no wrong way up", everything automatically animates into the correct location regardless of how you’re holding the iPad.

Sudoko Real Edition iPad app

Some details on game play:

The game play covers 400 puzzles spread over 4 difficulties. We generated thousands of boards and then ran an algorithm over them which rates their difficultly. You have to do it this way because it’s impossible to generate a board to a certain difficulty, you can only generate one and find out how hard it really is later.

Sudoko Real Edition

And some ways that an iPad version can even trump the traditional form …

More Than Real

Although making everything as real as possible makes a nice game, we took advantage of features like records that are not possible in real life. Records keep track of your progress through the 400 puzzles and record your best and average time for completing the puzzles in each difficulty.

For those who like to know right away, you can be told if the number you entered is correct or not. The game also has special effects when you complete a square, row or column. However, if you like to stay true to the game you can turn all these options off so you have to know if you’re correct.

Sudoko Real Edition

I have to admit I’m not a Sudoku player, but my wife is and I have a feeling she’ll get some very good mileage out of this one. 

It should be available for purchase in the iPad App Store on April 3rd (no word on price yet).  You can get further info and details at the app’s website here:

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