Surface Pressure Is Coming To Paper App for iPad This Fall

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FiftyThree is making great strides to make the Paper and Pencil experience feel more like the real thing with technology they call “Surface Pressure“. By leveraging new APIs in iOS 8, the devs at FiftyThree have figured out a way to make the iPad aware of how much of the Pencil stylus is making contact with the screen, and then draw or erase accordingly. This will allow users to draw with the thin side of the stylus tip, and then shade large areas with the broad side, as seen in this video:

This new feature on its own is already great news, but I also think it’s worth noting that these features will work on the same hardware that people can own today: an iPad and a Pencil stylus. This makes the Pencil stylus seem like a much better investment, since it will actually have gotten better since its release last winter.


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