Swipe Magazine Issue 2 Out Now – Featuring Yours Truly

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swipe mag for iPad

Issue Number 2 of swipe mag hit the App Store today. I should mention right off the bat that I’m a contributor to this title, so you can take my comments on it with however many grains of salt you like.

Swipe mag is touted as the essential digital publication for iOS fans. Here’s a little more of its App Store intro:

This is the only dedicated magazine that focuses on the best App Store content, and which has been built from the ground up as a true interactive digital experience for iPad. (An iPhone version is coming soon.)
Every issue is packed with only the very best games, apps, and accessories as rated by the leading independent review sites of the iPhone Alliance – a genuine ‘who’s who’ of the iOS media so you know they are opinions you can trust.

Swipe is now a Newsstand compatible title and is also now on a regular monthly publishing schedule and offering subscriptions. Just in case you’re wondering, I’m just a contributing author – not part of the publishing team and not earning anything on issues or subscriptions sold.

Issue #2 is full of good content – including tons of iOS game reviews, app reviews, an article on the top 20 features of iOS 6, and lots more. I contributed in two places in this issue:

Divided iPinions

— The Divided iPinion piece where this issue’s question is on what has been our iOS highlight of 2012 so far.

iPad Basics

— The iPad Basics section is ‘by iPad Insight’ and features two popular iPad tips articles of mine.

Each iPad issue of swipe costs $1.99. A monthly subscription gets you both an iPad and iPhone edition and goes for $2.99 per month.

Here’s an App Store link for swipe mag; it’s a free app with In-App purchase options as mentioned above.

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