T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land – New Digital Edition Comes to the iPad

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The Waste Land for iPad

The Waste Land is the title of T.S. Eliot’s epic and much studied poem, and now it’s also the name of a newly released iPad app that serves as a digital edition of this major work. Here’s a bit of the App Store description for the app:

The Waste Land for iPad brings alive the most revolutionary poem of the last hundred years for a 21st Century audience. A wealth of interactive features illuminate T. S. Eliot’s greatest work.
This digital edition carefully respects the typography and integrity of the original yet offers spectacular new ways to explore the significance and influence of the poem.

I was (briefly) an English Lit major at university and had to try to get my head round this poem as part of a first year course. I much preferred Yeats, but this poem is one that sticks with you no matter how much or how little you understand it. So I was extremely excited to see this hit the App Store featured section today, and I bought it as soon as I saw its description.

It’s a hefty near 1GB download, but as just a very quick first impression it is well worth the space and the $13.99 price tag. I’ll review this properly when I’ve spent more time with it, but right now I can tell you this is a beautiful looking app with a ton of unique and superb looking content.

This app gives you:

— The poem itself. The full text and manuscript pages with original edits and markups by Ezra Pound.

— A specially filmed performance of the poem by Fiona Shaw.

— A set of readings of the poem, two by Eliot himself (14 years apart) and others by Alec Guinness, Ted Hughes and others.

— A photo gallery with images of the poet himself, Pound, places referenced in the poem, and lots more.

— A perspectives section with several notable people offering their thoughts on the poem – including the Irish poet Seamus Heaney.

It even has a striking and very nicely done icon:


Here’s an App Store link for The Waste Land; it’s priced at $13.99.

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