Taposé – New Courier-Tablet-like iPad App

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Taposé is a new iPad app that’s interesting for a number of reasons. It’s based on Microsoft’s dual-screen Courier tablet idea, partly funded by ex-Microsoft design guru J Allard (and also by Kickstarter funding), and it’s touted as a new revolution in multitasking, collaboration, productivity, and content creation.

The app uses a slide bar to split the screen and let your work with its various applets in separate areas of the page. Here are some of its most notable features:

•Multitasking features that allow processes to literally run side-by-side.
•Cloud based cross collaboration options that would make other companies blush.
•Enough practical features to supplement many of the iPad’s native functions.
Taposé’s moleskin features include:
• Handwriting & Drawing
• Text
• Sticky Notes
• Highlighter
• Lasso tool
• Wrist guard (left and right handed)
• Zoom box

I gave Taposé a very quick try last night when it first hit the App Store. I think it’s definitely an interesting and promising concept, though right now it feels very much like the 1.0 version that it is. I didn’t find it that smooth or intuitive to work with – but again I only spent a short while with it – so that’s just a very quick first impression.

Here’s an App Store link for Taposé; it’s priced at $2.99.

Have any of you tried out Taposé yet? Oh, and one little side thought – I don’t quite understand what the accent is for on the e in Taposé. Its App Store page says it’s derived from the word juxtapose (and they have an accent on the e there too) – but I don’t recall ever seeing juxtapose with an accent before. Can any of you who are skilled linguists offer some insight on this?

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3 thoughts on “Taposé – New Courier-Tablet-like iPad App”

  1. I gave it a quick run through yesterday as well. Long story short – my conclusions were quite similar to yours. Feels very much like a 1.0. I’m sure in the future this will work out to be an excellent all-in-one app for multi-tasking, but right now the note taking isn’t very fluid, figuring out how to drop in video / photos etc was a bit confusing, and beyond that I just didn’t see a lot of personal need for it.

    I’ll stick with Noteshelf for the time being until Tapose can work out some of the pre-prom jitters.

  2. It’s functionality didn’t appear too obtuse, but I was surprised to see that a $29.99 subscription was required?

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