TED Talks iPad App Now Supports AirPlay Video

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Yesterday I posted the news that both the CNN and TED apps for iPad had been updated to add AirPlay support. What I wasn’t 100% sure about – and was unable to test due to a hardware fault on my Apple TV – was whether the apps were supporting AirPlay video, or just audio.

I had my Apple TV exchanged for a new one at my local Apple store yesterday, so last night I was back in action and able to test the TED app with AirPlay. And I’m happy to report it does do AirPlay video and works just great. As soon as I tap the Apple TV button in the app with a video playing it swaps almost immediately to the big screen.

By the way, if you’re looking for a spectacularly good TED talk – amongst the many, many that it offers – I highly recommend the one shown above. It is presented by Sarah Kay, a spoken word poet and the founder of Project V.O.I.C.E, that teaches poetry and self expression across the US and abroad. The talk is titled ‘If I should have a daughter’ and it is just superb.

Oh, and the CNN app also now works with AirPlay video.

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