Testing a New Blogging App for the iPad

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The App Store has provided me with tons of great apps for the iPad, but I’ve never found one that allowed me to blog from my favorite device. The three leading blogging apps for iOS are lame, lacking in features, and virtually unusable to publish articles from. A good, solid blogging app for the iPad has been right at the top of my wish list since Day 1 of owning an iPad.

Over the last few days I’ve been lucky enough to be getting to know (beta testing a pre-release) blogging app for the iPad, called Blogsy. And … I’m impressed. It already feels far nicer to use than any other blog editor app I’ve tried on the iPad or iPhone.


Here are just a few cool things Blogsy does better than other blogging apps:

  • Let’s you add a ‘Read More’ break easily
  • Makes it easy to insert an image from Flickr or from a web page in its internal browser – and to adjust the size, position, and alignment of the image
  • Allows you to format text as bold, italic, strikethrough, bulleted and more.

Oh, and lets me add multiple images to a post and place them where I want.

Blogsy has some flaws and some things that are missing, but as a not even 1.0 version yet, it already looks better than the competition. And boy does that make me happy.

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12 thoughts on “Testing a New Blogging App for the iPad”

  1. This is GREAT news. I too am looking for the better blogging tool! Any idea when it will be released?

  2. Glad to hear Blogsy is looking promising. I’m also one of the beta testers but I sold my iPad before I was able to use it. The new iPad is on order (I’ll be one in the first wave of shipments) I’m really hoping I get it soon as I’ve been following the development of Blogsy for quite some time now.

    Glad to hear waiting in line paid off for you. How long did the line get?

    My local mall had at least 200 people which for some reason seemed like a lot more than I expected.

    1. The line got up certainly to 250-300 people, some guessed 500 by the time I was leaving at around 5:15.

    2. Hello coregeek,

      Yeah, we were disappointed that you couldn’t be part of the Blogsy Testing Team. But we completely understand.
      Hopefully you will get your new iPad 2 (very jealous) in time to still help us out the the testing.

  3. Thanks so much for the post about Blogsy. We really want to make Blogsy the blogging app for the iPad that has been missing for far too long. But we are being realistic – it won’t satisfy 100% of the bloggers, especially version 1. But as we update and improve Blogsy hopefully we will be able to satisfy those remaining bloggers. Wow, that sounds like some kind of marketing crap. Really, we are just some regular guys trying to make the best iPad blogging app there is.

    I also want to say thank you for your help with testing. Your bug finds, suggestions, and honest comments have been very helpful.


    1. My pleasure on the testing help. I think you guys are well on the way with this app. Keep up the good work. :)

  4. do you know if it will include posterous? I’m currently finding it frustrating that the posterous app only allows one account at a time. but generally desperate for a decent iPad blog app.

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