The Best iPad Calendar Widget Comes From Fantastical

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I’ve only got two widgets active on my iPad right now. The first is the Yahoo! Weather widget, which I use because of its glorious photography and 1.5-day forecast, and the other comes from Fantastical for iPad. Fantastical was a relatively late addition to the widget section, but that’s because the developers really took the time to get it right.

One of my favourite features of this widget is the fully-interactive monthly calendar. The presence of a monthly calendar alone is so simple that I’m surprised so few apps actually have it. This calendar allows me to quickly check dates and tell, for example, that November 20 falls on a Thursday, without ever having to load up an app. I can even tap on November 20 to see the events and tasks for that date, and then tap on the top of the calendar to return to viewing today.

Fantastical can also show me other months by tapping on the tiny “left” and “right” arrows along the top of the calendar. I often swipe on the calendar itself because I’m too used to the behaviour of the native Fantastical app, but you can’t actually swipe in widgets, which is understandable (swiping will just take me to the “Notifications” screen from the “Today” view).

All told, I’m really pleasantly surprised with Fantastical’s recent update. It isn’t terribly evident how much of the widget is interactive, but it really only takes a minute of tapping around to learn. Fantastical is definitely one of the prime examples of a best-in-class widget, and I’m really happy to have Notification Center become so much more useful in iOS 8 than it was in previous iterations.


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