The Big Daddy of Gaming, Bioshock, Is Hitting The iPad This Summer!

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Here’s some pretty cool iPad gaming news from today: Bioshock is coming to iOS this summer, and it looks quite good! I don’t like the idea of playing it using the touchscreen (yuck), but it’s games like Bioshock that could really drive Bluetooth controller sales and make the concept more mainstream. Imagine taking a little controller out of your bag, setting up your iPad and Smart Cover on the table in front of you, and loading up a title like Bioshock or Tomb Raider to play for a while.

I realize that, realistically, the games would probably be lower resolution or lower detailed versions of their console counterparts, but I think the iPad could be an incredible gaming device when paired with the right controller. I find that idea much more appealing than shelling out for a gaming-specific console, like the Sony PS Vita.

I would absolutely fork out a good $40 to pay for a decent Logitech or Razer gaming controller with two thumb sticks, triggers, and four face buttons. However, the reality on specialist sites like Afterpad seems to be that a decent controller costs at least $60. Frankly, I’m still happy enough to do my gaming on the PC and Retina MacBook Pro, but I’m intrigued by the idea of having an iPad be a competitor to the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS.


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