The Daily Finally Gets a Real Update

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The Daily – the first and still the only iPad-only newspaper title – was updated yesterday, to Version 1.1.0.

The big thing about this new version is that it’s the first real, substantial update to The Daily since it was released back in February – so it’s about time it got some real changes. And the developers say this update includes some of readers’ most suggested features. Here’s one that has certainly been at the very top of my list:

Remembers where you left off — no need to start at the beginning each time

Hallelujah. Finally. This is such a basic feature for any reading app; it was long, long overdue and I’m very happy to see that it works well, when you switch away from the app and even when you exit and re-open it.

The second item listed on the change list for Version 1.1.0 is also very welcome sounding:

Opens straight to the front cover, getting you to the content faster

Well, that sounds great too, though it doesn’t look so great in real use as yet. As far as I can see, it is still taking minimum 15-20 seconds before I can actually tap and see a real page’s contents. That’s still far too long.

Here’s the remainder of the changes list for this update:

• Enhanced table of contents with comment bubbles
• Comments now with more space and displayed by ranking
• Additional stability and improvements to page swiping

I’m glad to finally see a worthwhile update from The Daily, but still disappointed at its very slow load time. They definitely need to keep working on that.

Here’s an App Store link for The Daily; it’s a free app with subscription plans offered via In-App purchase.

I know at least a few of you here are readers / subscribers of The Daily. What do you think of this update? Too little too late or cause for optimism?

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4 thoughts on “The Daily Finally Gets a Real Update”

  1. Figures they would update it right after I cancel the subscription and delete the app. I enjoyed the content, just unhappy with the app itself. Having it remember where you left off is a big improvement, however it sounds like the load time still has a ways to go. I still had a problem with mine crashing about 1 out of 5 times while loading, hopefully that has been worked out also.

    1. Yeah, I thought about you when I saw this update hit. I haven’t seen any of the crashing issues with loading yet, luckily.

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